Vase color

There are many companies in the world that supply flower dye, but we are one of the few that are specialized in this field. See our collection in the shop.

Vase color is suitable for every occasion. Match the color of the water with your house and get an exclusive look!

Water dye

Our water dye gives color to water. Match the clear water with the color of your flowers or interior. Give your vase a whole new look. This product will only color the vase. The flowers in the vase retain their own color, due to the low concentration of the dye. This dye should be combined with flower food in order to achieve the best results. With just a few drops of water dye you can give your flowers / plants a new look. Try mixing our water dye with different kinds of water crystals to create a beautiful effect.



One bottle

With one small bottle you can change the color of hundred vases


Not harmful

Our vase color is made from natural dyes and is therefore not harmful for flowers or their environment



By mixing different colors, it is possible to make every color that you want.